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Our highly qualified experts are able to offer a full package of accounting, reporting, compliance and business support services to the clients. The scope of services selected by the client may vary from separate areas of accounting to full accounting, statutory compliance and contract personnel services.

We strongly support paperless, automated accounting solutions to increase accuracy and efficiency of accounting processes. We utilize such solutions providing services to our clients and we also can help your business utilizing such solutions and taking accounting and financial reporting processes to the next level.

Accounting & Reporting

GUF offers a full range of finance and accounting services to growing and evolving businesses.

Services include organizational, analytical, and recording services for the financial activities of a business, and the preparation of various materials covering the financial transaction life cycle (i.e., collecting source documents, recording transactions, closing books, and preparing reports for internal and external stakeholders).

Payroll & HR

GUF offers human resources and payroll services that can help improve efficiency of traditionally complex and time consuming tasks for global businesses. Leveraging strategic perspective and technology can help align a company's practices and policies with its corporate vision, open new channels of communication, and improve processes, and help manage costs.

Outsourcing administrative human resources tasks can help businesses contain costs, manage employer-related risks, reduce administrative burdens, maintain information confidentiality, and improve organizational effectiveness.

VAT registration

VAT services are one of our key focus areas, we provide VAT compliance services as well as make complex tax issue examinations.

We will help you to find an optimal VAT position for current or planned business activities. Our experienced and well-equipped specialists will assist you with VAT planning and compliance both internationally and locally.

The VAT compliance services typically include:

  • VAT registration and de-registration
  • preparation and submission of the VAT monthly, quarterly and annual VAT returns
  • seeking a ruling or opinion of the State Revenue Service or Ministry of Finance with respect to VAT matters
  • VAT day-to-day consultancy.
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